With the focus on corporate clients, we are prepared to analyze, plan, develop, recommend and implant customized solutions, for complex and sensitive matters about security and risk management. Our entire staff works with discretion and confidentiality combined with the high quality standards expected by our customers.


The Performance differential is its recognized expertise in Brazilian commercial practices
and its high-level capacity constantly update through daily global information exchange.
Here in Brazil the company counts on highly qualified professionals in such strategic areas
as legislation, marketing habits, taxation procedures, amongst other sensitive sectors
within the domestic market. Overseas it has solid relations with a vast team of
collaborators which work, study or give lessons in the USA, Europe and Asia.

It is this global interchange, this continuous exchange of national and
international experiences, which stamps the Performance Global passport
and qualifies it to offer solutions without frontiers, in an extensive
soluções sem fronteiras, extensas e muito mais eficazes nas
and much more efficient way in the field of Security Consultancy and
Risk Management.

For all this, by opting to carry out business in the complex Brazilian market, we
are accredited as being your best choice in matters of Security and Risk Management.

Appropriate solution for each of your concerns, each of your risks.
Investigation, personal protection, competitive intelligence, specialized
training, prevention and logistics.


By learning to enhance the information about your competitors and perceive their own vulnerabilities,
decisions and strategies become more informed and thus potentially winners.

To achieve this total immersion within the reality of the company and the market, the assistance which
the Performance Global professionals in competitive intelligence (Business Intelligence) offer to the
executives of your company are of fundamental relevance.

Erroneous or incomplete information could generate risky commercial decisions, using strategies
which could compromise over the short, medium or long term, or even threaten the survival of the company.

With qualified professionals and recognized methods, we identify with precision and clarity, problems
and opportunities, giving greater security for those moments of decision on business. Further, they can
extract from the company’s staff the maximum of talent and insight, so that they take defensive measures,
which combine the services of active intelligence with a high level of business expertise.

Performance has the task of protecting tangible and intangible assets of
clients with the expertise and dedication of fully trained human resources,
quality complemented by using high-end technological resources.

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Competitive intelligence:
Survey and analysis of strategic information on trading partners to guide decisions on possible
negotiations with the assurance of integrity and competence.

Investigation service to audit risks, their sources and modes of action, discovery
of fraud and identification of authors, asset recovery.

Personal protection:
Planning and execution of physical protective measures of business people throughout their
movement in any city, hosting locations and professional or social frequency.

Specialized training:
Training employees with proactive methods for reducing or preventing risks - personal
security, defense of goods and corporation reputation, kidnappings, industrial espionage,
personnel selection.

Protection of assets. Insurance costs reduction. Analysis of the entire chain of operations,
routines and environments of the organization and propose solutions for vulnerabilities
to various risks, including accidents.

Analysis of means and steps in the storage and transportation of origin of goods to the
destination, proposed protective measures against circumvention, including escort until
boarding or delivery.

Transportation for executives:
Planning and logistics with personalized solutions for the VIP – business persons, executives,
multinational staff as aircrews arriving in a new environment and requiring short or long
distance travel facilities, whether for business or pleasure, guaranteeing tranquility and
maximizing productivity.

Business management:
Consultants with extensive experience in corporate strategy projects, market analysis / portfolio, corporate finance, value-basedmanagement, reorganization, evaluation / development of business plans and implementation of start-ups in various segments such as agribusiness, electronics, telecom, aviation, financial services, mining, oil and gas, manufacturing, chemical and logistics.

With analytical tools, professional experience, market knowledge and personalized services, Performance ensures clear, detailed and accurate survey of the situation, the analysis will base the technically intelligent choice of action to be implemented.



• Meticulous preparation and planning and based on the collection of data, information and organizational needs.

• Developing ongoing partnership with the organization managers, sharing diagnostics and pre-discussing appropriate actions.

• Development and recommendation of specific policy options and initiatives focused on solving the problem.

• Determine critical factors and success indicative of the indicated plans and deadlines for the implementation of the chosen solutions.

• Measurement and adaptation of management processes with the proposed performance indicators.

• Where necessary, recommendations for additional measures and establishment support.

Knowledge and spirit of innovation, with answers to the most common risks and new forms of threats to organizations

The Performance investigative team is made up of specialists in various disciplines, which include legal training, police, intelligence services, accounting, auditing, management consulting and technology.

Combined overview of unique set of skills and talents, academic qualifications and local and international experience at high level. Performance internally has an elite team in their specialties and it supplements the development of their tasks with an external network of consultants. Multidisciplinary and multilingual team - a network of professionals to master all the rich and extensive range of skills essential to their safe performance.

George Henry Millard
Flávio Castilho Millard
George H. C. Millard
Projects Director
Fabio Guia
Commercial and Marketing Director
Roberto Teixeira
Senior Investigator
Éder Nascimento
Senior Due Diligence Investigator
With analytical tools, professional experience, market knowledge and personalized services, Performance ensures clear, detailed and accurate survey of the situation, the analysis will base the technically intelligent choice of action to be implemented.
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