More than 100 billion a year! This is the cost of frauds, usurpation and misappropriation for North American companies and investors. In Brazil, these same illicit practices are growing more each day.

Competitive Intelligence Professionals (Business Intelligence) advise decision makers in their efforts to increase the competitiveness of their companies. These professionals have to be skilled in defensive measures that combine active intelligence services with business knowledge. A balancing effect happens when executives learn to value the information about their competitors and understand their own vulnerabilities.

Competitive Intelligence requires focus direction, skills and expertise available for purposes that are new for many companies. It is a cyclical process, a series of repeated steps and interrelated that add value to the original inputs and create a substantially processed product. It begins with the collection of information. This information comprises the competition, the market, the product, the consumer, technological and environmental information. Analysis is what transforms this information into "competitive intelligence" for planners and decision makers.

"Analysis" answers the questions who, what, where, when, why and how.

The Performance Global services for Competitive Intelligence cover:

Case Study

Policy making in overseas acquisition

Client: Food industry based in Britain.

Situation: The client, in negotiations for the acquisition of industry located in the South American country,
needed to identify possible links of the target company with illegal activities. Another question concerned the
security of its executives there.

Performance solution: Due diligence and surveys to check criminal links in the target company and those
responsible. Diagnosis of the town where the company was with the personal risk assessment for executives
and their families.

Result: Detailed report with recommendations to the client's decision-making process.