Over 100 billion a year! This is the cost of fraud, encroachments and deviations for companies and US investors. In Brazil, these illegal practices grows every day.

Concrete results from originating from total immersion and minuscule investigation. Only in this way can one identify and neutralize the original and those responsible for financial frauds and leaks from strategic commercial information.

To achieve this, it is necessary to have ample technical and human resources, free transit between professionals dedicated to the fight against crime and daily updates on the latest and most damaging workings. Performance has access to all these essential tools.

Its specialty is to disarm schemes implanted to fraud, usurp and misappropriate funds.
Such as:

Corruption: by trusted employees who involve themselves in bribery kickbacks, illicit favors, manipulation of bids and budgets, conflicts of interest and breach of fiduciary obligations.

Misappropriation: of cash box, stock, assets or confidential information about business or product development.

Fraudulent declarations: both financial and non-financial. These include information about income, fictious income concealment of expenditure, false evaluation of assets or the non-communication of material facts linked to fraud.

Pyramid schemes: the oldest trick in the market, but which has been reinvented the whole time. Today, through the Internet and under the protection of the identity of offshore financial institutions, the pyramids have become one of the greatest evils to threaten global investors.

Cibernetic crimes: brought about from the Internet evolution, which have become increasingly damaging to companies, destroying careers and families. Odious practices made by common thieves or through sophisticated technicians in informatics, who spread out through companies files and subtract precious information in such a well built up way that already form a framework of the most dangerous and sinister criminal actions.

These schemes are rarely detected or resolved by internal or traditional independents audits. Even if detected, auditors rarely have the investigative experience for resolving the fraud; especially if the ability to pursue avenues are by the victim company. This, in synthesis, is not what auditors do, but what we at Performance carry out very effectively.

The Performance investigative team is made up of specialists in various disciplines, which include legal training, police, intelligence services, accounting, auditing, management consulting and technology.

Private investigations for discoveries and revelations raised within legal parameters and of great relevance to routine of several lines of business. Rising risks, their sources and ways of acting, find fraud and its perpetrators and recover goods from unlawful acts.

Our investigation services are ready to attend your needs in the following areas:

Case study

Support for international client avoids trick

Client: Strategic partner in the USA

Situation: Investigate financial situation, commercial, life history, etc. of Brazilian citizen, dual nationality holder established in the country of the Pacific.

Performance Solution: Several surveys and information crossings were made in order to establish the real identity of the investigated person. Unexpectedly there was intense activity in the area of financial crimes involving money laundering, illegal transfer of currency, among other crimes.

Result: Relevant information was forwarded to our partner in order to equip their client in decision making.