Efficient security measures can save considerable sums to prevent fraud and theft of transported goods.

Due to recent events, widely covered by the media, relating to security flaws in logistics processes allowing the theft of thousands of dollars in goods and a significant side effect in inventory replenishment, meet customer needs, etc., Performance has recently expanded its portfolio of services including a new core exclusively directed to cargo transportation, which offers security consulting services in logistics processes input and output of client companies to the logistics operator (port, railway station, etc.) and vice versa.

Performance has incremented its current team with personnel specialized in the areas of:

The services of the new Logistics Unit of Performance include:

Case study

Elimination of the weak points of the logistics process from producer to ship

Client: Important International Trader in the agribusiness area.

Situation: Successive differences in grain volumes shipped in the port area caused complications and actual damage to the client.

Performance solution: We analyzed all the intermodal transport process by checking the weaknesses. Systematic blocking of detour possibilities, ensuring reliable reception of the grain purchased without prejudice to the regularity of ship operations.

Result: The image of the exporter with international customers was guaranteed, while direct and indirect losses were minimized, with a positive impact for continuity of operations.