To put your security and that of your equity in second place is to let go of the good things in life. It is putting your well-being and that of your family at risk.

Prevention. This is the secret for a secure and tranquil life. Roughly speaking, this prudent attitude brings about many more advantages than corrective actions. Actions which are often taken in an emergency when the economic and social damage has already been done, become merely palliative.

In referring solely to physical assets, Performance guarantees the most efficient preventative support to its clients for reducing the impact of losses resulting from violation in security, unsafe procedures and non-authorized activities, with the implementation of efficient up-front measures and with always the best cost-benefit ratio.

The Performance Security and Risk Prevention services are:

Case Study

Saving $ 7 million for the retailer

Client: A large national company in the retail sector.

Situation: Loss of 6% of the goods presented sale for theft, damage or malfunction and / or misuse.

Performance Solution:
Theft:Reorganization of internal processes of human and technological surveillance in various environments.
Damage or failure: Assessment and flow restructuring of receipt and storage of product.
Deviation: Introduction of standards and preventive and social research of operators, including management level.

Result: Reduction of loss from level 6 to 2.5%, representing approximately US$ 7 million.