To put your security and that of your equity in second place is to let go of the good things in life. It is putting your well-being and that of your family at risk.

Executive Transport Services

Planning and Logistics, with personalized solutions for the VIP, business persons, executives and multinational staff, as well as air crews, arriving in a new environment and requiring short or long distance travel facilities, whether for business or pleasure, guaranteeing tranquility and maximizing productivity.


With specialized training, whether from a police or military background, our personnel have in-depth local knowledge and the sensitivity required by the corporate world, thus giving the required professional attention, and the additional ability to communicate in various languages.


The ability to attend short or long-term travel requirements, whether they are for meeting, business or family trips. The planning and supervision of corporate events, with the appropriate logistics support, under the supervision of USA and UK trained security specialists. As well as this, we can provide national or international cover for complex operations, utilizing here our own EP agents, both male and female, with appropriate escorting executive vehicles, both in the soft or hard mode.


New, to-of-the-line, both soft and hard (armored and non-armored): sedans (Chevrolet Omega, Ford Fusion, Hyundai Azera), mini-vans (Chrysler Grand Caravan or Kia Carnival for up to 06 passengers), as well as Executive SUV’s of various types, Vans (MB Sprinter-type for 08 to 12 passengers), and the micro-bus (motor-coach) ranging from 20 to 45 passengers. Full insurance cover within the norms determined by Brazilian law.