Unfortunately, Brazil remains one of the highest risk countries in the world, especially large urban centers such as Sao Paulo, Rio de Janeiro, Belo Horizonte, Vitoria, among others. On the other hand, these large cities are those most visited and / or chosen by VIPs as a primary residence or workplace.

Performance experts have all the ability and resources to keep its clients safe from any kind of danger and threats on their paths, trips or their professional and social commitments. These experts provide solutions that are appropriate and proven to security problems in day to day corporate world. They are recruited from highly experienced agents and receive constant updating and recycling. They plan and execute actions that ensure the appropriate level of security with mobility and discretion, as well as access to facilities required to meet the multiple tasks that each situation may require.

Protection Services Staff Performance have appropriate vehicles and both female as male agents, sufficiently fluent in multiple languages for the following situations:

The flexibility of dynamic programs of Personal Protection allows the system to adjust operationally to changes in the environment and customer needs.

Case study

Ensuring the safety of CEO visit to Brazil

Client: Large multinational retailer.

Situation: The CEO of a large company traveling in his private jet (Falcon 900) intended to carry out a tour of several cities in Brazil.

Performance Solution: Guard and protection of the aircraft was provided at all airports, followed by safe transportation escorted to places of visit and stay. Local teams performed the auxiliary works in several cities to ensure the visitor's integrity and their entourage.

Result: The client was pleased. No incidents to report.